Welcome to the doctoral school course on Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks.


This course considers all major kinds of wireless networks, including Cellular, WiFi, Vehicular, Mesh, Ad hoc, Sensor Networks, and RFID communications. It is organized as follows:


This course is based on a book "Security and Cooperation in Wireless Networks" by Levente Buttyan and Jean-Pierre Hubaux. The slides and solution booklet are available online.


One of the originalities of this course is that the grading is based primarily on a mini-project. A mini-project is a small research project, carried out in close collaboration with the lecturer or with one of his co-workers. In this way, the students are invited to demonstrate their understanding of the course by generating innovative ideas and by working them out. The mini-projects are defined in such a way that the induced workload is sustainable and is compliant with the number of credits.

Examples of previous mini-projects are available here. In previous years, some students have decided to pursue their research effort after the completion of the course, and in some cases have managed to publish their work in a high-tier conference or journal (such as Infocom, Financial Crypto, or IEEE Transactions on Mobile Computing). Examples of this follow-up work are provided as well.


As usual at EPFL, the course is graded on a scale of 5 points, from 1 to 6, 6 being the best grade. The points are acquired in the following way:

In addition, a bonus of up to 1 point can be acquired by the reading group. Each student enrolled in the course is expected to present one research paper from the literature during the semester, in front of the class. The selection of the paper is made in agreement with the lecturer. The performance will be graded with a bonus of up to 1 point. The details will be explained at the beginning of the semester.

Intended audience

This course is primarily designed for PhD students from electrical engineering, computer science, and communication systems. It is also open to Master's students. Please contact the lecturer if you have questions about the appropriateness of this course for you.

Note: The course will not be given next year (2013/2014).